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Weed Delivery | Marijuana Delivery | Los Angeles

Marijuana Delivery – Los Angeles

  • Open 24 hours
  • Weed Delivery In About An Hour
  • Free Delivery
  • Discreetly Packaged
  • Premium Licensed and Tested Marijuana Delivered to your Door.

With dozens of locations across Los Angeles, Weed Delivery Los Angeles is your local delivery dispensary. Weed Delivery Los Angeles offers a curated menu of premium marijuana flower and products, including pre-rolled joints, extracts, delicious edibles and much more.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority
  • Premium, locally grown, license and tested marijuana
  • Delivery in an hour or less
  • No delivery fees!
  • Sativas, Indicas & Hybrids
  • New strains continuously rotated onto our menu
  • Vehicle, bud-tender and packaging are discreet
  • We accept cash & credit cards

Marijuana Delivery across Los Angeles

All of Los Angeles County

Downtown LA – Weed delivery in Downtown Los Angeles is simple, quick and hassle-free. Choose Lifted and Chill premium marijuana products and prepare to be impressed by our service. We’ll see you in 60 minutes or less!
Hollywood – Marijuana delivery throughout Hollywood, the most iconic neighborhood in all of Southern California. Lifted and Chill budtenders discreetly deliver premium prerolls, loose flower, edibles, extracts and more to homes and businesses in Hollywood in less than 60 minutes.
West Hollywood – Weed Delivery across West Hollywood and to every address on the Sunset Strip. Premium cannabis products are available seven days a week to adults in West Hollywood. Your discrete Lifted and Chill budtender will be at your door shortly.
Silver Lake – Marijuana delivered in one of the coolest little areas in America. Lifted and Chill delivers premium marijuana products to your door in about an hour.
Los Feliz – Weed delivery is convenient and quick in Los Feliz, where creativity is always at a premium. Choose Lifted and Chill premium marijuana products and experience free delivery to your door in about an hour.
Santa Monica – Weed delivery in Santa Monica, which is packed with iconic hotels, restaurants and recording studios. Order your premium marijuana products from Lifted and Chill, and welcome the inspiration at your door in under an hour.

Weed Delivery | What we do:

Weed Delivery Los Angeles delivers premium marijuana products to homes and businesses across Los Angeles in under an hour. Think of us as a delivery dispensary.
Weed Delivery Los Angeles premium marijuana products are discreetly packaged and delivered to your home or office by one of our professional budtenders. Our budtenders are well-trained, fairly compensated and very friendly. Their goal is to get you your order as fast as they can, which usually means much less than an hour. Occasionally, traffic will slow things down – but you knew that – Southern California traffic, especially in LA, can be tough at points during the day.

Marijuana Delivery – Why us?

Weed Delivery: How it Works

  • Select Product(s)
  • Track via Text or Email
  • Pay Upon Delivery (Cash & Credit Cards)
  • Get Lifted and Chill
Delivery is always free, and executed professionally & discreetly.
At Weed Delivery Los Angeles, we know that you can bring your business anywhere, and so we are grateful for every one of our customers. We take a lot of pride in providing you with premium cannabis products and discreetly delivering them to your home! All Weed Delivery Los Angeles marijuana products are pesticide-free, non-GMO, and licensed and tested. Weed Delivery Los Angeles marijuana products are delivered in discreetly compliant packaging (child proof and tamper resistant) and delivered to your home or office in under an hour. All Weed Delivery Los Angeles budtenders are well trained, professional, friendly and courteous. Our menu is fantastic. Our prices are very reasonable. Delivery is discreet and costs you nothing.

Marijuana Delivery | FAQs

Weed Delivery Los Angeles
It’s simple! First, log in, or take three minutes to become a member. Once you log in, browse the menu of premium marijuana products and select the items you would like. After you submit your order, you’ll receive a text with weed Delivery Los Angeles order tracking information.
When will my order arrive?
Under an hour. More specifically, how long it takes depends on where you are, the time of day and the traffic. Most orders arrive in well under an hour.
Do you have a physical location?
No, we do not. Lifted And Chill is a licensed dispensary that only delivers. Browse our complete line of products here.
What if I like a product you don't carry?
We really appreciate feedback, and will continue to make a sincere effort to carry the products our customers want!
Do I need a prescription or license?
No you do not need anything like that in California. You do need to be 21 years old. But, you must still log in to place an order. It’s a simple process that takes less than five minutes.
What does your packaging look like?
Our packaging is very discreet and clean-looking. We do everything within our power to protect your privacy. Also, our delivery vehicles are discreet, with no external branding or messaging.
What is your delivery range?
We deliver across most areas of Los Angeles
What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit cards for delivery orders. If you choose to pay with cash, exact change is greatly appreciated. For their safety, Lifted And Chill bud-tenders make sure that they carry minimal change.
Do I have to create an account to begin?
Yes. It’s very simple and it’s free.
Can I pre-order?
Great question! We are happy to announce that you may order in advance. Just indicate in the memo section on your order the exact time desired and we will be there within the hour. Please be advised that we only deliver between 12pm and 10pm.
Are discounts/promos available?
Yes! All published Lifted and Chill discounts apply during their stated durations.
Can I change my address after ordering?
No, your Lifted And Chill budtender will head to the destination that you entered when you placed your order. Please make sure you’re there to receive it.
What is your return policy?
Lifted will exchange damaged or defective cannabis products or cannabis-related accessories for up to five (5) days after purchase. To be eligible for an exchange, any damaged or defective cannabis products or cannabis-related accessories must be accompanied by the original receipt. All non-damaged cannabis product or cannabis-related accessories sales are final. All exchanges shall be at the discretion of Lifted. Refunds are not permitted.
Can I tip my bud-tender?
Of course , but, we do want you to know that our drivers are compensated fairly.
Can I get delivery to my workplace?
We are happy to deliver to you. Please make sure there is no issue with it at work.
Can my friend accept deliver for me?
Sorry, but no. We are only allowed to deliver to the person who placed the delivery order.
Can you pick up a pizza?
At this time our services are limited to only the merchandise/product ordered from our website.
What else?
Just get ready to enjoy the premium products and excellent service from Lifted And Chill. Please note that you are responsible for being present for deliveries. Also, we reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Charvi Bhasin
    Great customer service, very helpful and cooperative. I spoke to Ian on the phone, and he helped me out in customizing my order to give me the best bud I would recommend getting some presidential prerolls. The brand has amazing flower
    Charvi Bhasin
  • Tory Marshall
    Best marijuana delivery around! Made my trip to Disney Land incredibly fun, great service and fast delivery!
    Tory Marshall
  • paul sariego
    The deliveries are prompt, they let you know when they will arrive via text with a really smooth app that lets you track the driver to the door! The photos and write ups are accurate and the product is tested and clean. They have a slick site that lets you order with ease and the driver always has change, good stuff!
    paul sariego
  • Clint Shirley
    Visiting Disney with the Family and called weed Delivery Los Angeles for cannabis delivery. This was my first delivery, I have been to dispensaries before, but never again. This company is different, professional, educational and polite. When the delivery guy showed us he was clean cut and really nice..I got edibles and vapes and it was all strait fire. Thanks weed Delivery Los Angeles, no more waiting in line.
    Clint Shirley